Non-Accredited Course

Advanced Bible Training

All subjects have been written/ overseen by Dr. Jerry Savelle.

This program can be taught to people of different backgrounds and age groups to develop a positive, healthy attitude to life and servant-hood in your church
– Dr. Jerry Savelle

This is a three year course that will expand your understanding and knowledge of God’s Word.

1st Year Curriculum Subjects

New Creation Realities:
A clear vision of your righteousness, position, legitimate rights, and authority as a new creation in Christ.

Person of the Holy Spirit:
To introduce you in a personal way the wonderful person of the Holy Spirit. This course will motivate you to develop a more meaningful intimate relationship with Him.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit:
To provide you with a clear revelation of the practical workings of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. To recognize and walk in the Gifts as the Holy Spirit pours them out.

To enlighten you to your right standing before God.

Foundation of Faith:
To provide you with a clear revelation of what faith is, what it is not and how to have the God-kind of faith.

Principles of Living by Faith:
To provide you with a clear revelation of the practical principles of living a life with faith

Principles of Prayer 1:
To enlighten, inspire and embolden you to be transformed by revelation and prayer into effectual, fervent praying men and women of God

2nd Year Curriculum 

1. Prayer 2

2. Believers Authority

3. Developing Spiritual Maturity

4. The Integrity of God’s Word

5. Developing Godly Character

6. Fruit of the Holy spirit

7. Principles of Healing

8. Soul Winning

3rd Year Curriculum

1. The Character of God

2. The Ministry of Jesus

3. Power in the Blood

4. Relationships, Covenants and Marriage

5. Old Testament men of Faith

6. Introduction to Ministry

7. Excellence of Ministry (Your call and Vision)

8. Biblical Economics

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